About Us

Our philosophy states that LANIGP will be a progressive, professional, service-oriented organization providing guidance, support, encouragement and resources in a competent and efficient manner to NIGP and its members.  In fulfilling these roles, LANIGP will strive to raise and maintain the standards and ethics of all government purchasing and materials management entities; promote fair and open competition; promote and foster professional competence; set academic and professional standards and engender an attitude on the part of all its members to accomplish our mission with loyalty to the organization and with fairness to all.  This will be consistently accomplished by complying with the UPPCC Code of Ethics adopted by NIGP.  LANIGP has also adopted the Values and Guiding Principles of Public Procurement which are part of the principles & practices project started by NIGP: The Institute for Public Procurement.

LANIGP helps you work smarter.  When you join LANIGP you connect with procurement professionals from state, local, parish, federal, school, hospital, universities and public utility agencies around the State.  As a member, you enjoy significant benefits.  Please click Join for more information.