LANIGP helps you work smarter.  When you join LANIGP you connect with procurement professionals from state, local, parish, federal, school, hospital, universities and public utility agencies around the State.  As a member, you enjoy significant benefits, including the following:

  • Discounts on educational seminars and conferences

  • Scholarship Opportunities

  • Quarterly networking meetings

  • Seminars & Workshops - LANIGP offers outstanding educational opportunities to increase and improve your knowledge and skills pertaining to materials management

  • On-line membership directory - individual and organizational. Available when you log on the website

  • Informative website located at

  • Certification - Mastering proven, generally accepted practices and good management techniques, certification is a symbol to taxpayers that the public employee who manages their tax dollars has reached a higher level of education and overall professional development.  LANIGP supports certification and assists members to achieve this goal by offering a comprehensive review prior to testing.

  • Annual Educational Conference and Products Exposition - This is the premier event to immerse yourself in professional development and networking.  To many members the conference is the best reason to be a member of LANIGP.  The conference presents an excellent opportunity to learn latest methods agencies are using to keep pace with technology, and what they are doing to meet the demands placed on them by a variety of customers and constituencies.  And, if that's not enough, there's some fun thrown in, too.

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